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Diamond Bay

Hey there. Lets not get started by saying its been ages since I last blog and blah, blah, blah. If you’re reading this, chances are that you have read my previous entries and have come to a conclusion that this so call blogger would only blog when the moon turns blue. I never made any promises and I don’t owe anyone an explanation either.

Anyways, I’m sure my avid fans are itching to find out what has happened in the last year. To be honest, alot. But I’m just gonna keep it short.

I’ve got married. Yes, the date was 23rd May 2015. We had a nice temple wedding in Shah Alam. It is truly a beautiful temple. Everything pretty much went smooth. Oh, I also insisted that I arrived in my own car. I know of many people who rent expensive cars for their wedding and all. But not me. And to capture the moments, we had the best photographer and video man in the country. Kamalesan and Leonard Hon. Enough said.




We had the dinner reception the same day in a hotel. The best part, we met most of our friends. It was like a reunion. Loads of fun and booze. We were pretty smashed by the end. We went to Boracay for our honeymoon and the next weekend, we had another reception in my hometown of Johor Bahru. So all in all, we had a pretty busy week. But it was awesome being the king and queen for the day.

Moving on to my next phase of life. I completed my housemanship training and I’m now in Teluk Intan, Perak. You see, the story goes like this. The plan for us was to settle down in JB. Prema, my wife, completed her housemanship before me. Unfortunately, she was given Sarawak for her MO-ship. We made a written plea and she was given Perak instead. She opted for Teluk Intan. And so I requested to be in the same hospital as well. So, here we are, ‘Diamond Bay’. Its a small town, with basis necessities. No shopping malls. No bars or clubs. Not much entertainment. You know what all this means. Less expenditure. Low living costs.

I’ve always had an interest in orthopedics. But the department here was full. So I choose radiology instead. The other departments here are pretty shitty. And I’ve heard good things about the head of department of radiology. I was hoping to transfer to ortho once available. But life is pretty good here in radiology. Not too busy. I learn a lot everyday. Don’t have much hands on with any patients. Work mostly with ultrasound and CT. But to date, I don’t know if I’ll ever pursue a career in it. Will see how it goes.

I guess this update should be enough for now. I think I’ve lost my flow of writing. Can’t seem to curse and blog like before. I’m sorry if I lose a few readers due to the new change. Maybe its just this place. It can have a platonic effect on you.

Till next year, cheers!

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hello world

Its me and I’m alive and well. Been a year since the last post. And I only remembered about this blog when I got an email requiring my approval for a comment on one of my posts. I know right. Even I was shocked. People do read or somehow get lost to my blog. How weird is that.

So since my last post, a lot has happened. From my work point, I’m now in my 5th posting which is Paediatrics. A bunch of joy and pain as well. Did my surgical and orthopedics in one piece. Did an extra month in O&G, cuz you know, women just love me. If all goes well, I’ll be done with housemanship by March next year. Yeay! Oh, I enjoyed my ortho posting and who knows, I might just do bones.

My car is still great. Still love her. Done quite a bit to her, but it looks pretty stock outside. And it is stock inside too. Just some accessories here and there, Michelin PS3 tyres, Orsen under armour, UR rear anti roll and front strut bars, spring buffers, iridium spark plugs, K&N drop in air filters, potent boosters, some lights here and there. Thats pretty much it. Nothing serious. Rims are stock. She runs great but she ain’t no Ferrari. But she looks like this

beast mode activated

beast mode activated

I’ve put on some weight and put of some hair, which isn’t too good. Uncles and aunties always have something to say at family functions and I’m getting pretty sick of hearing it. But anyways, I try to sweat it out whenever I can. But the food, I don’t know. I don’t think I’m eating too much. I mean its not exactly healthy either but hey, I work hard and long hours. For the hair, I’ve been going to this herbal hair treatment place for the past few months. It seems to be working or thats what my mum and the lady at the shop says. We’ll see about that at the end of the year.

Ah, yes. I’ve got myself an apartment too. Its yet to be completed, due somewhat late 2016 I assume. Its close to my current place with a reason of course. And its got the lots, you know, pool, gym, sauna, blah blah blah. And its 25 floors and my unit is on the, guess…. knowing me, you know I go for the 25th floor. Unit 25-03. 2nd biggest thing that happened in my life.

What is the biggest thing that has happened you ask?

So if you’ve noticed and if you’ve read my previous post, you’d realized that I’ve been very decent with my language and some what formal. Hmmmmm, what could it be. I actually have no fucking clue why. (ahh, there it is) Before it just used to flow naturally, but now I feel like I’m forced to used it. Mind you, I still throw it about on daily basis in conversations. Maybe its just me getting older. What the fuck right? Too much bull shit.

Oh yeah, the biggest thing that happened. Well, I’ve always talked about my interest, sports, hobbies, current issues and bitch about stuff. What I don’t talk about is my personal life. Aha! Interesting, probably not. But who cares what you think. I’ve been with women before in the past. Some serious, others not so. Even a psycho one too. And I’ve came to a point where I realised that I’m done with this shit and I need to settle down with the one. No more happening party chicks or crazy school girls, ooops.

Hooked up with this beautiful lady from my varsity days and it just picked of where we left it. Things just went like rocket from then on and by the time I knew it. I was at her place with my family and asking for her hand officially. Next were the wedding dates and all. Venues and photographers confirmed. Its been about 8 months since and somehow it all feels right and meant to be. The big day of doom eternal happiness and joy, 23rd May 2015, We’re getting engaged 21st February 2015. See, pretty big right. I’m getting married. So who is this lucky gal?

the special one

the special one

I told you shes a beauty. Hey, good looks attract each other right. You cant exactly deny that now. C’mon, just say it!

This is probably the most exciting update ever on my blog. And also one of the longest post. Like I said, a lot has happened in a year. Since its taken a more than a year for this update, and according to my calculations, my next update would be end of 2015. Hopefully not with a child on the way. God knows what else is coming.

So with all said and typed, thank you for sticking with me through the long gaps of emptiness. (in case you’re lost, I’m talking about the gaps of not blogging, you’re welcome) I will not promise that I will not repeat it and knowing me too well, you know very well I can. And a word of advise from an old and aging wise one, believe in yourself and stay true to it. Life will always find its way.

Cheers. I love you all!!




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I’m Back

Well hello there blog world. Guess who’s finally back from the dead.. Yes, I’m still alive and doing fairly fine. I was just surfing around the web when I finally realized that I have a blog with millions of fans just waiting for my next update. It has been so damn long since I blogged. September 21st 2012 to be exact and that is like I don’t know, a million years ago.

Well anyways, since my last entry,  I’ve gone from jobless, pennyless, living with my parents and balding to a very busy work life, with money to spare, still living with my parents and still balding.

Lets talk about work first. I’m now at my 2nd posting with 4 more to go. Completed Medical which was pretty much a hell hole with shit loads of work. It was just non stop admissions and even more work to do. But on the whole, I learnt a lot and kinda solidified my foundations. Gave me a lot of confidence handling patients and emergency scenarios. Saved a couple of people with CPR but most likely killed more. And now I’m in Surgical which is a far cry from before. Much more relaxed and laid back. Less work and fewer admissions. Everything is more hands on and less cracking your head trying to think of whats actually wrong with the dude, which I like very much of course. Still have 3 months to go. Will see what I have to say about that at the end of it.

And now back to my favourite topic. My ride @ The White Knight. Yes, I own a car and shes none other than the Kia Forte 2012 in white. My first property under my name and it feels awesome. Been almost 8 months now and I still enjoy driving every day. Makes me very proud to be seen driving in it. I know its not a beemer or audi or merc but fuck it. Its a beauty and I love her. Yes, shes a female knight. Being a guy and owning a ride would naturally mean that you’ve got to accessorize or modify your car. And I’m yet to begin but I do have major plans for her. For now, I’ve only installed a ceramic based window tinting which cost me a bomb but would ultimately protect my cars interiors and me from the harmful rays of the sun. The brand of choice, HuperOptics. And being me, you know I don’t explain and just let you do the reading yourself. I’ve chosen the X3 C40 all around.

Here is a link to website -> http://www.huperoptik.com/en/smart/index.aspx

Why HuperOptiks. Because after much intensive research and also the fact that shop is walking distance from my house, I’ve decided that V-kool and all other brands just suck. The fact that the shop owner giving me a discount cause we’re neighbours didn’t influence my decision one bit too. So now my interior is protected.

For the exterior, I’ve chosen the Diamondbrite paint protection which would protect my paint from turning yellow and give it layer that would be easily cleaned of after a wash at the same time give it a constant showroom finish. This was also done at the same shop together with the tinting. Again, no external factors were an influence.

Read up and decide for yourself -> http://www.jewelultra.com/diamondbrite.aspx

Total damage, almost 4k. Its worth it. I’ve also gotten a few minor accessorize but nothing major worth mentioning.

Next in line…

Eagle Eyes

Hehe, I know right. Just couldn’t help myself. But thats not gonna happen anytime soon. Gotta recover from the previous splurge.

Some eye candy for you. I promise I’ll upload a real nice picture of my ride when I get the time to snap in its utmost glory against a perfect backdrop.

HuperOptiks #1 HuperOptiks#2

And their not entirely road legal either with 40% visibility. But fuck it! It looks pretty awesome.

So thats that from me. I hope I’ve some how managed to satisfy your need to know whats going on in my life. And to all my ‘millions’ of readers out there, till my next post; keep on rollin’ baby!


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Forte Kottei

So its been more than 2 months since I got back home. Finally out of that country with lots of bitter sweet memories taken with me.

A lot has happened since then. Let me just save time and list it out.

1. framed and hanged up Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand, Sir Alex Ferguson and Nemanja Vidic’s signature on my room wall.

2. got all the 18 medals that I’ve collected from the past 7 years there pinned up on the soft board along with other memorabilia from around (13 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze)

all the sweat and blood spilt

3. framed up a thin square metal piece so that I could stick all the magnets I’ve collected from travelling.

good times

4. hung all the souvenir plates from all the countries

not much, but ok la

5. got a new 55 inch Samsung LED 3D TV along with a matching Samsung 3D Blu-ray home theater system (fucking awesome)

High Definition baby

6. got a new sofa for the NEW TV (oh yeah)

7. new cpu: Intel Core i5 (fuck yeah)

aha, now we’re talking

8. got myself the new Samsung Galaxy S3 (muahahahaha) and named her Genelia Gangbanger the Great (hehehehe). Gave my HTC Desire (Felicia Felatio Fenix) to my dad. Yeah, hes all high tech now.

yes, I got the blue one

9. and most probably, might just get the new 2012 Kia Forte SX. Hopefully the loan gets approved.


At least its not a Proton.

Hows that for a post grad make over??

And talking about work, my interview with the medical council is less than 2 weeks away and I haven’t quite touch the 3 new books I bought. Yes, I finally decided to spend money on med books. Another one on the way. With all the books lying around, it kinda makes me look more like a doctor now. Its only lying around, all wrapped up and looking pretty.

So there you go. My 2 months back home summed up.

Random Rants


Guess what, I’ve graduated from med school. Yeap, I’m now officially a doctor. Funny though, I don’t quite feel like one. Actually, I don’t really know how a doctor should feel like in the first place. Anyways, in case you had any doubts, here is the prove.

See, I told you.

The convocation ceremony was pretty good compared to the previous years. The fucked up thing was we had to organize the whole even on our own with our own money. Although we did get some sponsor after a lot persuasion, we still had to chip in to cover the cost. Organizing an event in this country is not an easy thing. The university does not believe in convocation ceremonies and their version of it is just handing out the degree at the dean’s office. Funny, after forking out so much money for 7 years and studying in a foreign language, muthafuckars can’t even organize an event for us. Fuck all that. We’re having a 2nd ceremony in Malaysia for all those parents who couldn’t make it for the Moscow one. Hopefully that would be better as we have hired an event organizer to handle it.

Now, I’ve got like 9 days till I leave this country for good. With a lot of free time in hand, I begun to reminisce on the past memories. From the first day I landed my ass here, sleeping on a mattress on the floor for 1 whole year, with all the language problems we’ve faced, pending exams, skipping classes, all the parties, getting drunk, puking the shit out, hangover for 2 days,  futsal training, league games, winning moments, tons of medals and till the moment I received my scroll. It has been whirlwind of emotions and memories. And to tell the truth, I’m gonna miss this place a lot, especially the people. We’ve been together through so many ups and downs for so long, that at times, I feel we’re closer than family.

And to come out of this country after 7 damn years in one piece, that is survival and we’re all survivors. Cheers and good luck to our future.

Random Rants


So here I am, after 2 months. I’m bored as hell and I thought why don’t I just blog some crap down.

A quick update. Intervarsity Games over and we got 4th place overall. The ultimate team got 3rd, which is pretty damn good considering the first 2 teams have been playing for some time and we have only heard about the sport just 2 months prior. We beat the winning team in the group stages but lost to them in the semis. That is something to brag about.

My semester is over. I’ve got no more classes, which also means I don’t have to get up early anymore and travel 3 hours for classes week in and week out. Only left with exams a month away. This also leaves me pretty damn bored with nothing much to do.

I was reading the news as usual when ever I got nothing else to read and I couldn’t help but laugh to myself regarding the political situation going on in Malaysia. Seriously, take a look for yourself.

Butt exercises by ex-army veterans in protest

Burger stall? Really? Have we amounted to this much now? 

I don’t really delve into politics so much. Not my thing. I’ve never voted, and with the current situation going on, don’t know if I will.

I’ve got nothing else to blog about. Am still passionate about Ultimate. Still play it and I’m trying to contact some Russian teams as well to train. Will see how that goes.

Clean up people. Cheers!

Fun Stuff


I’m back with more crap wisdom to share. Actually I’ve no idea what to share anymore. Just thought that I should. See, by just crapping about me not knowing what to crap about has already taken a few lines or maybe even a paragraph. Aha, now some ideas are flowing. Oh wait, their gone again. Yeay! A paragraph reached.

Introduction complete. Before entering my final year, I kinda promised myself that I would take a break from competitive sports and focused more on the other fun things in life like drinking and partying, which I did. My idea was to go to the Intervarsity games in Nizhny as a supporter, wait, as a drunk supporter. Some of my friends even took a bet that I would still play for the games. They didn’t believe that I’d have the willpower to contain myself from jumping in the court again. I succeeded and I was winning the bet. Futsal selections came and I didn’t go. Handball selections called and I hid myself. Even basketball fellas invited me, though I don’t play much and I just laughed and said I had other plans.

Guess what? Along came a sport introduced for the very first time in this years Intervarsity. Ultimate Frisbee and fuck me, I can’t do this anymore. I was hooked. Ultimate Frisbee is a game which involves a flying disk, 7 people per team and the idea is to float the disk from one end to the other end of the court. Its a combination of netball where you can’t move with the frisbee in hand and rugby where you score a touch down. Its a non contact sport which is good cause I have enough injuries to deal with already. But the thing that I don’t quite understand is that this game is too fun to even be competitive. Doesn’t make sense. Most of our experience with frisbee was probably when we were kids, throwing it at a beach or park some where. I never knew there is an association and even an international championship going on. They even have regulation size and weight frisbees and some with flickering light and glow in the dark shit going on. What the fuck right?

After some browsing around, I found out there even is a frisbee association in Malaysia with regular tournaments and events. Seems like its a relatively new sport here and its picking up quite fast as well. With that in mind I give you not one but 3 links to Ultimate Frisbee in Malaysia, for those interested of course. There are other international sites, but whats the point in that. Their far more advanced and skillful. We need to take a look at it from our local point of view to get a better feel of it.




And of course, not forgetting the customary videos.

See, looks pretty fucking cool right. I can’t throw any where like those fellas, but I tell you, this game is fucking fun. Doesn’t feel anything like a competitive sport. With that, I’ve lost the bet and I just found another sport to play, yet again. Cheers and stay Ultimate!