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I’m back with more crap wisdom to share. Actually I’ve no idea what to share anymore. Just thought that I should. See, by just crapping about me not knowing what to crap about has already taken a few lines or maybe even a paragraph. Aha, now some ideas are flowing. Oh wait, their gone again. Yeay! A paragraph reached.

Introduction complete. Before entering my final year, I kinda promised myself that I would take a break from competitive sports and focused more on the other fun things in life like drinking and partying, which I did. My idea was to go to the Intervarsity games in Nizhny as a supporter, wait, as a drunk supporter. Some of my friends even took a bet that I would still play for the games. They didn’t believe that I’d have the willpower to contain myself from jumping in the court again. I succeeded and I was winning the bet. Futsal selections came and I didn’t go. Handball selections called and I hid myself. Even basketball fellas invited me, though I don’t play much and I just laughed and said I had other plans.

Guess what? Along came a sport introduced for the very first time in this years Intervarsity. Ultimate Frisbee and fuck me, I can’t do this anymore. I was hooked. Ultimate Frisbee is a game which involves a flying disk, 7 people per team and the idea is to float the disk from one end to the other end of the court. Its a combination of netball where you can’t move with the frisbee in hand and rugby where you score a touch down. Its a non contact sport which is good cause I have enough injuries to deal with already. But the thing that I don’t quite understand is that this game is too fun to even be competitive. Doesn’t make sense. Most of our experience with frisbee was probably when we were kids, throwing it at a beach or park some where. I never knew there is an association and even an international championship going on. They even have regulation size and weight frisbees and some with flickering light and glow in the dark shit going on. What the fuck right?

After some browsing around, I found out there even is a frisbee association in Malaysia with regular tournaments and events. Seems like its a relatively new sport here and its picking up quite fast as well. With that in mind I give you not one but 3 links to Ultimate Frisbee in Malaysia, for those interested of course. There are other international sites, but whats the point in that. Their far more advanced and skillful. We need to take a look at it from our local point of view to get a better feel of it.

And of course, not forgetting the customary videos.

See, looks pretty fucking cool right. I can’t throw any where like those fellas, but I tell you, this game is fucking fun. Doesn’t feel anything like a competitive sport. With that, I’ve lost the bet and I just found another sport to play, yet again. Cheers and stay Ultimate!


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