Random Rants


Guess what, I’ve graduated from med school. Yeap, I’m now officially a doctor. Funny though, I don’t quite feel like one. Actually, I don’t really know how a doctor should feel like in the first place. Anyways, in case you had any doubts, here is the prove.

See, I told you.

The convocation ceremony was pretty good compared to the previous years. The fucked up thing was we had to organize the whole even on our own with our own money. Although we did get some sponsor after a lot persuasion, we still had to chip in to cover the cost. Organizing an event in this country is not an easy thing. The university does not believe in convocation ceremonies and their version of it is just handing out the degree at the dean’s office. Funny, after forking out so much money for 7 years and studying in a foreign language, muthafuckars can’t even organize an event for us. Fuck all that. We’re having a 2nd ceremony in Malaysia for all those parents who couldn’t make it for the Moscow one. Hopefully that would be better as we have hired an event organizer to handle it.

Now, I’ve got like 9 days till I leave this country for good. With a lot of free time in hand, I begun to reminisce on the past memories. From the first day I landed my ass here, sleeping on a mattress on the floor for 1 whole year, with all the language problems we’ve faced, pending exams, skipping classes, all the parties, getting drunk, puking the shit out, hangover for 2 days,  futsal training, league games, winning moments, tons of medals and till the moment I received my scroll. It has been whirlwind of emotions and memories. And to tell the truth, I’m gonna miss this place a lot, especially the people. We’ve been together through so many ups and downs for so long, that at times, I feel we’re closer than family.

And to come out of this country after 7 damn years in one piece, that is survival and we’re all survivors. Cheers and good luck to our future.


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