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hello world

Its me and I’m alive and well. Been a year since the last post. And I only remembered about this blog when I got an email requiring my approval for a comment on one of my posts. I know right. Even I was shocked. People do read or somehow get lost to my blog. How weird is that.

So since my last post, a lot has happened. From my work point, I’m now in my 5th posting which is Paediatrics. A bunch of joy and pain as well. Did my surgical and orthopedics in one piece. Did an extra month in O&G, cuz you know, women just love me. If all goes well, I’ll be done with housemanship by March next year. Yeay! Oh, I enjoyed my ortho posting and who knows, I might just do bones.

My car is still great. Still love her. Done quite a bit to her, but it looks pretty stock outside. And it is stock inside too. Just some accessories here and there, Michelin PS3 tyres, Orsen under armour, UR rear anti roll and front strut bars, spring buffers, iridium spark plugs, K&N drop in air filters, potent boosters, some lights here and there. Thats pretty much it. Nothing serious. Rims are stock. She runs great but she ain’t no Ferrari. But she looks like this

beast mode activated

beast mode activated

I’ve put on some weight and put of some hair, which isn’t too good. Uncles and aunties always have something to say at family functions and I’m getting pretty sick of hearing it. But anyways, I try to sweat it out whenever I can. But the food, I don’t know. I don’t think I’m eating too much. I mean its not exactly healthy either but hey, I work hard and long hours. For the hair, I’ve been going to this herbal hair treatment place for the past few months. It seems to be working or thats what my mum and the lady at the shop says. We’ll see about that at the end of the year.

Ah, yes. I’ve got myself an apartment too. Its yet to be completed, due somewhat late 2016 I assume. Its close to my current place with a reason of course. And its got the lots, you know, pool, gym, sauna, blah blah blah. And its 25 floors and my unit is on the, guess…. knowing me, you know I go for the 25th floor. Unit 25-03. 2nd biggest thing that happened in my life.

What is the biggest thing that has happened you ask?

So if you’ve noticed and if you’ve read my previous post, you’d realized that I’ve been very decent with my language and some what formal. Hmmmmm, what could it be. I actually have no fucking clue why. (ahh, there it is) Before it just used to flow naturally, but now I feel like I’m forced to used it. Mind you, I still throw it about on daily basis in conversations. Maybe its just me getting older. What the fuck right? Too much bull shit.

Oh yeah, the biggest thing that happened. Well, I’ve always talkedĀ about my interest, sports, hobbies, current issues and bitch about stuff. What I don’t talk about is my personal life. Aha! Interesting, probably not. But who cares what you think. I’ve been with women before in the past. Some serious, others not so. Even a psycho one too. And I’ve came to a point where I realised that I’m done with this shit and I need to settle down with the one. No more happening party chicks or crazy school girls, ooops.

Hooked up with this beautiful lady from my varsity days and it just picked of where we left it. Things just went like rocket from then on and by the time I knew it. I was at her place with my family and asking for her hand officially. Next were the wedding dates and all. Venues and photographers confirmed. Its been about 8 months since and somehow it all feels right and meant to be. The big day of doom eternal happiness and joy, 23rd May 2015, We’re getting engaged 21st February 2015. See, pretty big right. I’m getting married. So who is this lucky gal?

the special one

the special one

I told you shes a beauty. Hey, good looks attract each other right. You cant exactly deny that now. C’mon, just say it!

This is probably the most exciting update ever on my blog. And also one of the longest post. Like I said, a lot has happened in a year. Since its taken a more than a year for this update, and according to my calculations, my next update would be end of 2015. Hopefully not with a child on the way. God knows what else is coming.

So with all said and typed, thank you for sticking with me through the long gaps of emptiness. (in case you’re lost, I’m talking about the gaps of not blogging, you’re welcome) I will not promise that I will not repeat it and knowing me too well, you know very well I can. And a word of advise from an old and aging wise one, believe in yourself and stay true to it. Life will always find its way.

Cheers. I love you all!!