Random Rants

Diamond Bay

Hey there. Lets not get started by saying its been ages since I last blog and blah, blah, blah. If you’re reading this, chances are that you have read my previous entries and have come to a conclusion that this so call blogger would only blog when the moon turns blue. I never made any promises and I don’t owe anyone an explanation either.

Anyways, I’m sure my avid fans are itching to find out what has happened in the last year. To be honest, alot. But I’m just gonna keep it short.

I’ve got married. Yes, the date was 23rd May 2015. We had a nice temple wedding in Shah Alam. It is truly a beautiful temple. Everything pretty much went smooth. Oh, I also insisted that I arrived in my own car. I know of many people who rent expensive cars for their wedding and all. But not me. And to capture the moments, we had the best photographer and video man in the country. Kamalesan and Leonard Hon. Enough said.




We had the dinner reception the same day in a hotel. The best part, we met most of our friends. It was like a reunion. Loads of fun and booze. We were pretty smashed by the end. We went to Boracay for our honeymoon and the next weekend, we had another reception in my hometown of Johor Bahru. So all in all, we had a pretty busy week. But it was awesome being the king and queen for the day.

Moving on to my next phase of life. I completed my housemanship training and I’m now in Teluk Intan, Perak. You see, the story goes like this. The plan for us was to settle down in JB. Prema, my wife, completed her housemanship before me. Unfortunately, she was given Sarawak for her MO-ship. We made a written plea and she was given Perak instead. She opted for Teluk Intan. And so I requested to be in the same hospital as well. So, here we are, ‘Diamond Bay’. Its a small town, with basis necessities. No shopping malls. No bars or clubs. Not much entertainment. You know what all this means. Less expenditure. Low living costs.

I’ve always had an interest in orthopedics. But the department here was full. So I choose radiology instead. The other departments here are pretty shitty. And I’ve heard good things about the head of department of radiology. I was hoping to transfer to ortho once available. But life is pretty good here in radiology. Not too busy. I learn a lot everyday. Don’t have much hands on with any patients. Work mostly with ultrasound and CT. But to date, I don’t know if I’ll ever pursue a career in it. Will see how it goes.

I guess this update should be enough for now. I think I’ve lost my flow of writing. Can’t seem to curse and blog like before. I’m sorry if I lose a few readers due to the new change. Maybe its just this place. It can have a platonic effect on you.

Till next year, cheers!


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